Pro-net VIP gives your business access to a diamond number

The word ‘Diamond’ will always conjure up a feeling of luxury and value. By having a Diamond number with pro-net VIP you can add value to your business. So, what are they? Diamond numbers are numbers that are designed to be MEMORABLE or personalised.

Diamond NumbersIs this just a convenience thing? No, when you choose a Diamond number for your business this one factor will increase phone calls to your business. More calls, more potential business. It keeps rival companies at bay as a customer who can remember your number easily will be far more likely to stick with your service even if the prices are higher. Chosen well, they can even become part of a company’s actual brand.

In today’s business world competition is tough, and having a more memorable number for your business may have been something you’ve previously overlooked. Maybe a Diamond number is something you would like to treat yourself to for your personal mobile number. Some of us have had the same number for years but still struggle to remember it.

If you would like to know more about pro-net VIP Diamond phone numbers get in touch.