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The price of your monthly mobile plans is increasing from April 2024

From April 2024 we’re making some changes to our pricing as follows:

1) the monthly price of your Business plans will be increasing.

The price rise will be in line with the 4.9% Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation as is set out in your O2 Business contract.

2) the monthly price of your Small Biz plans will be increasing.

As these were taken out after 25 March 2021, the price of your mobile plans will rise in line with the 4.9% Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation, plus an additional 3.9% as set out in your O2 Business contract

Why is your price increasing?

As demand for data continues to rise, we need to remain committed to investing in our network technology and coverage innovations.

In 2023 alone, we added extra 4G capacity to over 465,000 postcodes across the UK, brought 5G to over 50% of the population*, and expanded coverage into 100 of the most remote places across the UK.

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