Alex Ross

Alex is the Founder and Managing Director of Nortelco which began trading in 1998.

With decades of working in the telecoms industry – and seeing the way telecoms have developed over time – Alex is constantly guiding the sales teams to ensure his wealth of knowledge continues to show throughout the business.

When he’s not busy working in the office, Alex is an avid fan of golf.

Alex Ross

Managing Director

Leanne is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations of Nortelco.

She is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, liaising with other senior management within the networks/partners we work with, as well as ensuring the team remains compliant in all areas of their job.

When she’s not at the office, Leanne enjoys walking her dog Nessie and staying at her and Alex’s apartment in Spain.

Leanne Ross

Director of Operations

Caroline joined Nortelco in 2002 and after nearly two decades of account management, she now oversees our VIP Services. She has a very hands-on approach to client management and is often known to work until the early hours of the morning. As you’d expect, Caroline has a slight addiction to coffee which helps her get through the long days!

Caroline Ross


Paul joined Nortelco in 2013 after he had spent just short of 14 years travelling the world as a Musician for the British Army, he also spent almost a decade working as a Sales Advisor for EE, whilst also working as a Driving Instructor for the last 17 years.

Although Paul has been working two jobs side-by-side for a lot of his working life, he’s still the most energetic and enthusiastic member of the team!


Account Manager

Stuart joined Nortelco in 2006, previously working in the hospitality industry, Stuart specialised in transforming hotels with poor reputations.

Since joining Nortelco, Stuart has learnt all the skills required to run the business and now manages the office on a day-to-day basis.

Stuart is a lover of all things nature and spends many weekends away with his wife and two dogs in his mobile home.


Office Manager and Head of Sales

Emma joined Nortelco in 2009. She is responsible for managing our customer’s accounts, generating invoices and handling any billing queries from customers and suppliers.

Emma is a huge advocate of the zero-waste movement and has championed Nortelco’s transition to becoming more environmentally conscious. She is also a keen photographer and shares all of her photos of nature on her Instagram.


Head of Accounting

Nessie joined Nortelco in 2013.

Nessie’s morning routine includes a quick perimeter-sweep to ensure no one she doesn’t recognise is hiding in any of the offices.
Once she’s happy that there’s no threat to the workforce, she’ll retire to her office where she’ll keep an eye-out on the overlooking park.


Head of Security

Bella joined Nortelco in 2014.

Bella has been an invaluable member of the team since she first began her role within the company. On a typical day, Bella will roam around the office making sure nobody is slacking and boosting workforce morale.


Sleeping Partner