Personal Account Management

Each of our VIP Mobile clients are allocated a Personal Account Manager who is on hand to help you with the day to day running of your account.

Security Excellence

Protect your account with pro-net VIP

Great service and account management isn’t enough. Did you know there’s a new victim of identity theft every two seconds? That’s why a key part of our VIP Mobile Service incorporates unique security features which aren’t available direct with the networks, online or on the high street.

Ring Fencing
Every VIP account is held within a secure environment, which is only accessible by a handful of highly trained VIP customer service representatives and account managers, so your personal details are always kept secure.
Password Protection
To protect against attempts to access your account, you set a unique personal password that helps our VIP team identify you, without it your account cannot be accessed.
All of our VIP account managers sign non-disclosure agreements, so nothing you discuss with them is repeated outside of our VIP Teams. Your requirements are processed in strict confidence.

Dedicated Support

VIPs have access to our dedicated VIP helpdesk at the network, who work only for VIP clients. No call centres, no complicated switchboards to navigate. If you have a problem, you are never more than one call or message away from someone who can help.

Even more benefits...

As well as our Dedicated Account Management, UK Based Customer Service and VIP Security, you'll also have access to these extra benefits.

Technical Support 'On-Tap'
Joining Pro-net means you have access to our experienced and knowledgeable technical support team to help if your phone develops a fault.
Priority Ordering
Want a phone on the day it’s released? No problem. You get stock priority when new devices are launched so rather than wait in a queue, it arrives at your front door!
Proactive 'Best Plan’ Advice
If you qualify for our ‘Best Plan’ service you’ll receive advice on tariffs and bolt-ons every three months, so you always get great value for money.
Diamond Numbers
Want a more recognisable number for youself, your business or for someone special? We have a selection of ‘diamond’ numbers that follow a particular pattern, such as 07***776655 or 07***123321, available for a one-off fee.
Let's Talk

If you’re interested in a personalised quote, or have any questions about our VIP services, why not drop us a message!