Discover our Unique and Secure Mobile Phone Service – Pro-net VIP Mobile

With a long history of providing a first rate Secure Mobile Phone Service to rugby and football stars, celebrities and businesses, Pro-net VIP doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to providing excellent security for their clients.

Secure mobiles that offer premium confidentiality, privacy and security are all at your service with Pro-net VIP. Whatever your personal needs are, your mobile account manager can set you up with tailor made privacy settings. If you don’t want your number to be seen by network providers and you don’t want to receive sales calls, your service team can ring-fence your account in a secure server.

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You may wonder what the importance of enhanced privacy and security is when it comes to your mobile phone. Well, cybercrime is at an all time high, with fraudsters developing more and more complex ways of scamming their victims out of thousands of pounds, as well as aiming to harm the credibility of public figures through leaking compromising data to the public domain.

Anonymity is at the heart of our business, so by choosing Pro-net VIP as your mobile phone provider, you can guarantee your details will remain secure and unobtainable by criminals, which will ultimately reduce the chance of becoming a victim to SIMjacking and other popular scams.

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